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The Woman

The Woman - Jack Ketchum;Lucky Mckee I can't say I enjoyed this book. I went into it knowing little more than the cover blurb, so it likely just wasn't my style of book. I tried to review it in detail so that you can decide for yourself if it might be more to your liking. I found the character development to be all but invisible in the first two thirds of the book. It wasn't until later that I felt anything other than befuddlement of the main character. I felt it was so lacking that I truthfully didn't understand anything about his actions until the climax - and not in a good way. It made it feel like the MC was just a plot device rather than a true character, because his actions seemed so disjointed from his thoughts and, even, how others perceived him.Because of this, I was completely disconnected from the story because I was too busy wondering if there was a point to it or if it was just going to be little more than the literary equivalent of torture porn.I think the story could have had a lot more impact if they had focussed on developing the characters more at the beginning rather than leaving it all to the end. I also found the writing style - present tense, constantly shifting between characters view points - to further jilt me from being really able to connect with the story.There is, however, a story. A story that I think would have been very interesting if not for the poor development techniques. If the tenses and the constantly shifting view points had been better developed, I think it could have really been something special.Because of how poorly it was handled, however, I didn't find the plot or the characters to be realistic or interesting, and only barely finished.