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Taming the Beast: A Novel (P.S.)

Taming the Beast - Emily Maguire Taming the Beast is one of my favourite books. The plotline, the characters, it was all sensational and titillating and depressing at the same time. It was real, and gritty, and the cold hard truth about some people and some relationships. It didn’t seek to glamourize anything. Instead it stripped us of comfort and made us deal with the fact that people aren’t perfect, and we’re all messed up. Some are able to hide it better than others, and some are able to move past it, but the world isn’t always going to have a happily ever after. Even though I cried – bawled, really – at the ending, I still love this book. I feel like I will constantly be looking for another Taming the Beast. The plot and characters were memorable and fantastic, and I just want more.