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Tangled Webs (Forgotten Realms: Starlight and Shadows, Book 2)

Tangled Webs - Elaine Cunningham I admit, I like Forgotten Realms novels more for the characters than I do the action, and because of this I always feel a little bogged down in the second books. It’s not a fault of the author, it’s just that by the second book you know the characters and it’s much more about advancing the plot, especially in a trilogy. Because of this, I found the first part of the novel a bit long for my personal tastes – which means it will be ideal for people who enjoy action and plot oriented storylines. The second part of it, however, when more developed between Fyodar and Liriel, I was absolutely absorbed. I love their relationship and how it’s developed. Elaine Cunningham has a real knack for interpersonal relationships, and I feel she may be a bit limited by the expectation of action and fighting in D&D novels. She’s a woman I’d love to do a fantasy romance. I think she’d do an amazing job of it.